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Commercial Property

From warehouses to factories, retail outlets to offices, our staff are experts in all forms of commercial property finance.

Diversifying or buying into commercial real estate can be a great annex to your residential portfolio, but for the unwitting investor buying a commercial property can be a daunting and complex process. ‘Commercial property’ covers a range of options from office and retail space through to car parks and industrial properties such as warehouses and factories. It may be surprising, but investing in commercial properties can be affordable, sometimes costing less than many residential properties.

There are a wide variety of commercial property loans available and most work in much the same way as a residential home loan. As an investor you can choose from a variable and fixed rate, principal and interest or interest-only loan, often with useful features available like fee-free additional repayments or an offset account. Alternatively, you may prefer a line of credit commercial mortgage. We can explain how each of these loan options works and help you choose which works best for your individual situation.

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