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Want Brisbane Mortgage Brokers' Advice that's fast, simple and free?

We are experienced Mortgage Brokers in Brisbane who take the time to understand your needs and provide quality Mortgage advice you can trust. We pride ourselves on delivering you a customised mortgage in an efficient and professional manner. From negotiating interest rates to explaining bank forms we are here for you every step of the way. Don’t forget all this service and experience is completely FREE as the Mortgage Brokers are paid a commission by the lenders, not by you. We are happy to help you with your Mortgage and home loan refinance needs.

Great rates
Great rates

With access to over 30 different lenders, we'll negotiate a great rate for you.


We save you time by searching over 200 loan products for the one that's perfect for you.


Let our experience enhance your experience. We have over 25 years of experience and wisdom.

Happy Clients
Happy Clients

90% of our clients are referred to us by other satisfied customers. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers have the best experience possible.

Award Winning Mortgage Broker

Our primary focus is have happy customers who are so satisfied with our service they refer their friends and family to us. However, it is also pleasing to be recognised by the industry with the various awards we have received.

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    We take the time to find out as much as possible about your circumstances and goals to get an idea of how we can support you.

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    Calculate your borrowing capacity and how you can afford to repay.

  • Compare

    Compare hundreds of loans from a wide choice of lenders, including the big 4 banks, to find the one that suits your personal circumstances.

  • Explain

    Clearly explain the fees, costs and conditions associated with each loan option.

  • Answer

    Answer any questions you may have about the process of buying and/or refinancing.

  • Report

    You will walk out of the initial appointment with a personalised report detailing the best loan options for you and a clear course of action.


After renting for 11 years with no hope of owning our own home, we had a meeting with Matt. Shortly after that we bought our first home. We were very unsure and had a lot of questions. Everything was explained, every question was answered and all in a way that anyone could understand. Phil and Matt put us at ease and made our massive purchase as stress free as possible. It was fantastic to be treated on such a professional yet personal level. MC Mortgage Solutions have proven on many occasions that they care for their clients and our gratitude for that cannot be put into words.

  • Dan Geddes

Matt did a fantastic job of stepping in when my existing broker failed me. He always did a great job of following up with me through any hurdles through the application process and despite my constant questioning always found an answer. Thanks for helping us buy a home Matt!

  • Michael Bowers

It has been an absolute pleasure working with MC Mortgage Solutions for both of my home loans. Expert advice, plenty of options, no nonsense. Matt and the team work tirelessly to give you all of the options in a simple and easy to understand manner, who are are genuinely there to help you with your home loans and have only your best interests at heart. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone to set up a meeting and see for yourself the easy and care free process.

  • Nick Fielder

Thank you for all your help with refinancing our mortgage. Everything you did for us was smooth sailing and you were available at all times to answer questions etc this was truly appreciated!!! Once again thank you for all that you did and I will be recommending you to anyone I know that is looking for a broker to assist them!

  • Meg Ellen

Thanks to Phil, my husband and I got to buy our first home. It was a hard 14 months with working hard to save money and hearing disappointing news throughout the time but with the help of Phil he got us over the line. He was positive, caring, supportive and tried he his hardest to come up with a solution to give us what we have wanted for a long time. We couldn't thank you enough for the help you have given Mark and myself.. we truly appreciate it!!

  • Brook Held

It was such a smooth process using MC Mortgage Solutions for my recent investment property loan. Matt, Amber and Phil were all helpful and extremely efficient. Nothing was a problem for them and Matt went out of his way to meet with me for face to face consultation. Thank you.

  • Jodie Healy

I truly could not fault your service, Thank you for always making time for me and for your patience with my thousand questions as a first home buyer. I couldn't have asked for a better broker and I will recommend you to everyone I know looking to buy. Thank you again for your efforts, I will continue to use your service for future purchases as you have made my experience such a smooth ride

  • Courtney Freyling

My husband and I found ourselves in a complicated financial situation. We called Phil and he helped us come up with a realistic plan both short and long term. Phil supported us every step of the way and helped keep us on track. Before we knew it we were in our new home and had a perfect end result. Phil was always professional, but knew how to have a laugh and make the whole experience a fun one. I can't thank him enough for all his hard work, and have no hesitation in recommending MC to anyone!! Thanks Phil.

  • Catherine Fuller

Highly recommended. If you're looking to buy, refinance or build you should chat to Matt. Not only a veteran and weapon of the industry but a genuinely nice guy.

  • Josh Callaghan

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Utilising a mortgage broker simplifies the loan process. Brokers have access to a diverse range of lenders, allowing borrowers to compare options, secure competitive rates, and navigate complex paperwork efficiently. They act as intermediaries, saving time and effort, ensuring a tailored loan solution that aligns with the individual’s financial goals and circumstances.

Securing a home loan involves additional costs beyond the deposit. These include stamp duty, legal fees, and potential lender charges. Factoring in these expenses during the budgeting process is crucial to prevent financial surprises and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the overall financial commitment.

MC Mortgage Solutions distinguishes itself through personalised service, deep industry expertise, and a commitment to clients’ long-term financial success. The firm goes beyond transactions, focusing on building lasting relationships.

Buying by private treaty involves negotiating directly with the seller, often facilitated by real estate agents. In contrast, buying at auction involves competitive bidding among potential buyers. Each method has its advantages and considerations, impacting negotiation dynamics and the overall purchasing process.

Positive gearing is a property investment scenario where the rental income generated exceeds the costs associated with property ownership. This results in a surplus, contributing to the investor’s income. Positive gearing is considered a more immediate and stable financial strategy, providing regular cash flow and minimising reliance on long-term capital appreciation.

Negative gearing occurs when the costs associated with owning a property, such as loan interest and maintenance, exceed the rental income generated. The resultant loss can be deducted from the investor’s taxable income, providing a potential tax benefit. While this strategy aims for long-term capital gains, it involves short-term financial deficit.

Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is a protection for lenders when borrowers have a deposit less than 20%. It safeguards the lender in the event of borrower default. While it adds to upfront costs, LMI allows borrowers with smaller deposits to enter the property market.

A pre-approval is a preliminary assessment by a lender confirming the borrower’s borrowing capacity. It involves a thorough review of financial information and credit history. Obtaining pre-approval strengthens the buyer’s position when making an offer on a property, demonstrating to sellers that the buyer has the financial means to proceed with the transaction.

A cooling off period is a buyer’s safeguard post-contract signing. This brief timeframe allows the buyer to withdraw from the contract with minimal financial penalties. The duration and terms of the cooling off period can vary, offering flexibility and protection to buyers.

The property buying process involves several stages. After signing a contract, inspections, loan approval, and legal checks are conducted. Post-approval, the property undergoes valuation, and final details are coordinated. Settlement marks the transfer of ownership, completing the purchase.

The period between approval and settlement involves finalising legalities, coordinating settlement details, and preparing for the transfer of property ownership. This phase ensures that all necessary tasks, including property inspections and paperwork, are completed, culminating in a successful settlement.

Aiming for a 20% deposit is advisable to avoid Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI). While the specific amount varies based on property value and loan terms, this benchmark minimises additional costs and provides more favourable loan conditions. Government schemes, however, may offer alternatives, reducing the required deposit amount for eligible buyers.

Mortgage brokers extend their services beyond settlement. They offer ongoing support, helping clients navigate financial changes, explore refinancing options, and reviewing loans to ensure continued alignment with their evolving needs. This commitment contributes to a lasting partnership focused on the client’s overall financial well-being.

Fees vary, but MC Mortgage Solutions often offer free services for borrowers. They typically earn commissions from lenders, aligning their interests with clients.

While not mandatory, engaging a conveyancer is highly recommended. Conveyancers specialise in the legal aspects of property transfer, ensuring a smooth transaction. Their expertise includes title searches, contract reviews, and liaising with relevant parties, contributing to a seamless and legally sound property purchase.

Yes, a guarantor can assist in avoiding Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance. By providing their property as security, a guarantor supports the borrower, allowing them to secure a loan without the need for LMI. This can significantly reduce upfront costs for the borrower.